Saturday, October 07, 2006


What makes a good SCA squire?

If you can think of a particular story of a moment when you saw a squire do something that added to the magic of an event for you, or if you've been involved in a squire/knight relationship or close to a good one, what might be some good bits of advice for someone wanting to be a particularly good squire?

Are there existing articles or instructions for squires online that a curious squire could get to?

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The best bits will end up here: Squires


Anonymous said...

There are so many different dynamics as to what makes a good knight/squire comibination, for each combination is different and will evolve as time goes by.

I am a squire. My knight has three other squires. Each relationship is slightly different. Two of my squire brothers were inactive for a long time and have both rediscovered the SCA. Many a knight may have asked for their belts back after such a period of inactivity, but they were welcomed back and encouraged to take things in as their time and want would allow.

Myself, I concentrate on fencing and service. Therefore, my relationship is different from someone who is fighting in armor. My knight encourages me to pursue the activities I enjoy and supports me whenever and more importantly however he can. And that is what it comes down to with a good Knight/squire relationship in my opinion - support and encouragement.

Sandra Dodd said...

That's more about what the writer considers to be a good knight, it seems.

I'm hoping for discussion of what squires can do or have done that other squires might look to as a model.

People who aspire to be knights are all over the place. There are some, though, who aspire to be good squires.