Thursday, September 08, 2011

Recipe site

Recipes with photos, from various periods of history. The one I clicked right too is something my mom used to make and I didn't like when I was a kid, but if it were made with better salmon than canned (which wasn't so easily available or affordable when I was a kid), it could be good. :-) I do feel bad, in retrospect, that I said "yuck!" and then went on to really care about Saxon recipes. So it goes. And she used corn meal instead of oatmeal, and I made corn bread just yesterday, so the connections just keep rolling on.

When I was in Hampton Court last summer there was a good fire-building demo in the kitchen, starting with flint and tinder and moving on to an all-day sustainable serious-business fire the likes of which I had never seen. And they have a website with Tudor recipes: