Monday, August 02, 2010

Chronicle of Aten Coronation, Outlands Investiture 1977

A few days ago I scanned a couple of photos of when I got my Award of Arms on December 17, 1977 (A.S. XII).

This morning in an entirely unrelated situation, someone asked me to check whether Einrich Armpittsbane was knighted by Ton or Koris. "Probably Koris," I said, but said I would check. I called Gunwaldt. "Probably Koris," he said. I said I would check.

From the January issue of Southwind, which was published in Caerthe in those days, and please note that Meridies was still part of Atenveldt. Atenveldt was the fourth of four kingdoms. Meridies was soon to become the fifth. I left that part of the page to place it more clearly on the timeline.

Here's my during and after award of arms photos. "Lady AElflaed" sounds much prettier than any title I've ever had.