Friday, August 03, 2007

AElflaed the Anchoress

After years of always the same, I've made a little change in the status of my persona.

The special art (over there at the right, and also on the pages below) is by Galen (sometimes known as Bo) who was at the Readstan philosophy discussion a week and a half ago with me and Asta.

The first time I ever heard of the concept of "anchorite" was when I was a teenager and read a novel, years before I was in the SCA. In recent years quite a bit of research has been done, partly because of a surge of interest in archeology in England, partly because of Women's Studies and the interest in a class of previously marginalized historical figures, and partly because of the internet itself, by which people can share their ideas and research and photos so quickly.

This idea has interested me for a long long time, though. If anyone has more I could add to my pages there, please let me know.
Later is as good as now. I'll keep working on it over the years.