Thursday, November 16, 2006

Anniversaries of Peerages

Eimile Seilide as Draeghean (Ansteorra) ...
Today I'm working on TW #6, October 1991 (#5 has been there for weeks but I forgot to announce it) and I found this:

If you receive this issue in time to assist The Honorable Lady Eimile Seilide as Draeghean in her request, please write directly to her:
c/o Emily Egan
[an old address that's probably not good anymore...]
League City TX 775....
In TW#2 (page 17, 6th paragraph) I was charmed by the description (in parenthesis) of passing the medallion to the circle. If you or any of your friends have a copy of this ceremony, either in part or in whole, or any other suitable for a laureling ceremony please send me a copy. I need input by November 1 because on November 16 the Crown will leaf me and they are expecting to be presented with a written ceremony for their prior comments/ approval. I have never written a ceremony for anyone so I am looking for as many examples as possible to study.
—Eimile Seilide as Draeghean (Ansteorra)

Today's the fifteenth anniversary of that Laurel ceremony. I went to find her to send her an e-mail to congratulate her and point out the cool coincidence, but she's listed as inactive on Ansteorra's Laurel page.

If anyone knows her and thinks she'd be interested, though... maybe forward this to her.

Last Saturday was the sixth anniversary of the elevation to the Pelican of Master Balthazar Tegero, who was my student. I knew in advance. I intended to say something on the date. We were sitting at the same feast table, at a coronation. I forgot. (Sorry, Balthazar... I hope to make it up to you on a tenth or fifteenth, maybe...)