Friday, April 29, 2011

Atenveldt Reunion Songbook (1983)

Mistress Kate Holford created a PDF of "The Special Edition 25¢ throwaya Atenveldt Reunion Songbook," March A.S. XVII (1983).

My favorite parts are the advertisement for Honest AElflaed's Used Treasures on the back, and this part of the intro:

"The Keeper" doesn't really fit this category [drinking songs], or rather it wouldn't in a proper big book, but as it's neither a round nor a ballad, here it falls. It's a cheerful and innocuous little thing, and I dedicate it to a world which could use more cheerful and innocuous little things."

Kate also scanned the cover of an Outlandish Herald. I'll link that near its proper month in the history notes, fall of 1982.

Kate's PDF