Saturday, April 07, 2007

New Students

Here's me, a few days ago, happy that I had just taken a new student, Lady Kymma Godric. Kymma is the chronicler of al-Barran and Wimble Herald of the Outlands.

In February I took Karl of Gulbjorn for a year and a day even though he was very new to the Society, because his potential and interest, courtesy and modesty stunned me.

Artan has this squire who's bursting with questions and ideas and the desire to learn, in a season when Artan is busy being King of the Outlands. So Lord Dermod of Killarney is kind of majoring in Artan and minoring in AElflaed.

I'm invigorated.

The photo is by Kymma's daughter, Sierra, and any of the links above should lead you to other photos of that and recent days.

The Wednesday night philosophy discussion series ended, as their regular Wednesday night fighter practice resumed when it got lighter and warmer. I would've mourned its loss longer had the replacement Monday night discussion not turned out to be wonderful!