Tuesday, October 10, 2006

#2 is up, and the discussion list has 21 members

These numbers will be outdated soon, but that's good!

ThinkWell#2, late June 1991
It probably has a few formatting glitches. I got sleepy and so I quit for the evening. The original file was a Word 6.0 on a Mac IIsi which is "blah blah blah" to most people; point is, there are some formatting characters in the text and I might not have gotten them all, but will make other sweeps later. I'll add more internal links, too. I did a couple to make sure they would work.

Meanwhile, over at the discussion list, there are several topics going.

One topic page is actually started and a few more exist in rougher form, but here's the first really established:

tw/ (in a URL) will be for the old ThinkWell, generally, and thinkwell/ will be for the new stuff. Some still needs to be sorted, but that's the plan.

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