Friday, January 28, 2011

Nice quote about leaving the SCA

"I miss all the good parts. I tend to view the SCA like the Princess Bride or Moby Dick. With just the good parts it’s really wonderful but with the whole unabridged version it can get to you. (Chapter two --- the Whale.) Still, even though I don’t do much with it. I’m grateful for all it did for me… I would be missing such a large part of my life without it."

Clare RosMuir St. John, Ansteorra

We were chatting by e-mail, and she said she's not angry about anything, she just outgrew the need and interest and some other things, like cleaning her house, are more interesting now.

I think that's true of many people. For various reasons another interest or focus takes more of one's life until the SCA is smaller.

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Anonymous said...

I've been toying with the idea of leaving, but never can make up my mind.

1) I have found other interests outside the SCA that call to me. While I can combine some interests with the SCA, they are different enough to pull me in opposite directions sometimes.

2) The SCA is losing its "fun" quotient: too many "friends" seem to be busy chasing advancement and adulation, casting aside anyone who is perceived as a hindrance to their lofty goals.